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This expository book is a smart look at modern parenting.  Kidstuff is based on the philosophy and teachings of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikus. The purpose of this book is to help develop parenting tools. Tools that are essential for success in today’s society. Kidstuff teaches non-punitive solutions to well-known challenges. All forms of punishment such as spanking, yelling, blaming, and shaming are replaced by kindness, firmness, structure, righteousness, values, empowerment and respect. The soft-cover book is composed of eight chapters.


Chapter One: 

The Parenting Scale

The Ten Household:  Absolute structure and no freedom

The One Household:  No structure and absolute freedom

The Five Household:  Balance of structure and freedom


Chapter  Two:

Discipline VS. Punishment

Knowing the difference between Discipline and Punishment will put you in the drivers seat.


Chapter Three:

Understanding Your Child's Misbehavior

The five reasons why kids misbehave and what a parent can do.


Chapter Four:

Building A Child's Self-Esteem

Ten things a parent can do to further a child's sense of self esteem and self concept.

Fun and Easy Activities That Will Help Build Self-Esteem


Chapter Five:

How To Get Your Children To Cooperate

Ways to get children to do what needs to be done after saying it only "once"

Fun and Easy Activities That Will Help Promote Cooperation


Chapter Six:


Difference between praise and rewards.  Which one works and which one does not?

Fun and Easy Activities That Will Help Enhance Encouragement


Chapter Seven:

Creating a Responsible Child


Accountability:  Natural and Logical Consequences

Fun and Easy Activities That Will Help Increase Responsibility


Chapter Eight:

Conflict Resolution

The Lamb Method

Ways to handle conflicts

Fun and Easy Activities That Will Offer Tools To Help Resolve Conflicts


Most parenting books offer parents only three or four different parenting/teaching/managing styles.  In The Parenting Scale we find that one does not need to be permissive, autocratic, or democratic.  One can derive from a seven household or a three household.  I was never too comfortable being categorized in only three levels.  I, therefore, digested the information from Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs and further developed The Parenting Scale:  From 1-10 Households.  After taking the test, a parent comes up with a score and discovers where he/she may be on the scale.


This book is unique because all the suggestions and alternatives that are presented in this book can be used in all areas of relationship.  For example, I use the term "Children" because I am speaking to Parents.  I can easily substitute that term and use "Students" if I am talking to an audience of teachers.  The term can also be substituted for "Employees" if I am talking to a group of managers or employers.  Once again, the term can be substituted to "Husband" if I am talking to a group of wives.  Whether parents would like to get their children to co-operate; whether teachers would like to build their  students motivation levels; whether managers would like to empower their employees;  whether wives would like to enourage and get their husbands to help out more around the house, then this book is for them.  No matter what the relationship is, these techniques, suggestions and alternatives will work.


The same can be said with communication styles or how to handle conflicts.  Kidstuff offers four easy steps on how to talk to someone as well as how to listen.  The L.A.M.B. method can be used in any relationship.  One does not need to have children in order to figure out why people misbehave or ways to resolve internal or external conflicts.